A few weeks ago we featured an awesome series of creative dog grooming portraits that were shot at the Intergroom cat and dog grooming conference last year. Intergroom 2014 just took place and this amazing “Super Nintendog” was part of the spectacle, complete with groomers in costume as Bowser and Luigi. 2/3rds of him is the fluffiest Yoshi we’ve ever seen along with a bonus Mario portrait, piranha plant, golden bricks, a 1-up mushroom and Bowser’s spiky tail. It’s a Super Mario Bros. bonanza on one extraordinarily patient poodle.

Visit BuzzFeed for many more photos from Intergroom 2014.

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It’s never too soon to pay another visit to the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship. This story comes with the added bonus of providing further evidence of the awesomeness of beards:

Meet Brian, Brian’s beard, and their new duckling friend Peeps. Brian decided to try his hand at incubating clutch of eggs in hopes of raising chickens. Only one of the eggs hatched, but it wasn’t a chicken. Brian took this unexpected development in stride and set about carefully raising his new duckling friend. He played surrogate mother duck as best he could, which included sheltering peeps under his bear in place of a mama duck’s wing.

As you can see from the bottom photo, taken 41 days after hatching, Peeps has grown into a handsome young duck. Brian is now incubating 3 more duck eggs in hopes of hatching more friends for Peeps.

Click here for more photos of this awesome pair of interspecies pals.

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Couple Married 61 Years Ago Takes “Up” Inspired Anniversary Photos via

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whatcha thinkin bout


whatcha thinkin bout